Internet Lawyers Update: Our Lawyers Specialize in Internet Law

If you have a legal issue on the internet, you need an internet lawyer who  understands the web, software and technology. Traverse Legal’s internet lawyers understand internet law and the technology which drives the web.

Check out this recent interview regarding the The vBulletin Community Software license issue.

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Frequently Asked Internet Law Questions:

What is Internet Law? Internet law aka “Cyberlaw” id defined as legal issues related to use of internet technologies such as web pages, blogs, comments, bulletin boards and the back end technology which drives them. Typical Internet Law issues include intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction.

What is an Internet Lawyer? An internet lawyer specializes in internet issues and understands the technology which drives the web.  Typically, an internet lawyer has prior experience in software or hardware technology, specialized knowledge of various laws created to govern the internet space and is experienced in handling technology clients.

Typical Internet law issues include:

What is an Internet Lawyer?
On-Line & Web Services Contracts
On-Line Retailer Representation
E-Commerce Negotiation & Internet Law Disputes
Affiliate, Reseller and Retail Agreements
Web site, End-User and IP Licensing Contracts
Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act
Internet Defamation, Censorship & Free Speech
Web Site & Blog Copyright & Fair Use
Gripe Site & Cybersquatting Issues
Hacking, Can-Spam & Phishing Attacks
Data Privacy and Security
User Generated Content (UGC)

Our lawyers have represented some of the largest web companies in the world and handled some of the leading internet litigation cases.

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